Sermons are about 30-40 minutes long (time counter may incorrectly show they are longer).

We post sermons when someone is available to record them, but there may be some gaps. You'll have to come in person if you don't want to miss anything! ;)

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I Love My Church

Have you ever heard someone say that they "love church?" People usually say they hate church. Many people have been hurt or abused by church; others have endured it because they felt pressure or it might be “good for them.” Others have experienced the love and mercy of God through the church. Whatever your history with church, however you currently feel about it, the good news is that Jesus LOVES his church. Jesus’ early disciples / followers responded to his love by loving God, loving others, and loving their cities. They were committed to serving their communities and gathering together for worship. In other words, they started churches. These churches were the center of Christ’s work of redemption and restoration in cities all over the world. Modern day...Has the church forgotten its mission and purpose for existence? Join us as we explore themes in the book of 1 Peter.

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In The Heart of God

The book of Ephesians beautifully reveals what’s in the heart of God. In the heart of God we find: identity, purpose, destiny, power, and authority. The book of Ephesians invites us to find our true identity and purpose. Ephesians tells us that we’ve “been blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ." We have a unique status, significance, and stability with Christ! 

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Emotionally Healthy Church

Inspired by the book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero, Pastor Troy has been significantly influenced by these ideas in the founding  and ongoing trajectory of our church.

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Why We Sing

God made us to create music with our voices. What does that say about us?  What does it say about God?

From the artist: We not only sing in worship for joy, but also when our hearts ache, when we don't understand,  when we are crying out to God for his love, his answers, his care.

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Resurrection Everywhere

Easter is a 7 week season where the church celebrates the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus. Being a follower of Jesus means that we too have experienced (and continue to experience) resurrection in our lives. This resurrection is taking place everywhere in the life of the follower of Jesus.

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Sin is Everywhere

Lent is a 40-day season where the church remembers the Lord’s suffering and sacrificial atonement for our sin. Sin has affected every area of our lives, world history, and culture. Sin has given us scars, burns, chaos, and trauma.

This sculpture is called Anti-Mass by Cornelia Parker. The wood is black pieces of wood from an African American church in Birmingham, AL that was burned by arson. This installation depicts the effects of sin on our lives, history, and culture. Sin dismembers us. Sin burns us. Sin separates us.

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Verses of the Year

From the artist: When I think of verses that give me a strong foundation, that are a jumping-off point for my faith walk, I think of God as a place of security and refuge from which we fly with confidence into the unknown future, even though we remain vulnerable.