After six years of ministry in Thailand, four years in seminary, and five years of mentorship by a seasoned pastor; Caroline, myself, and our three kids moved to San Francisco. Moving to The City felt like coming home. As soon as we arrived, we started investing in new relationships. We spent time developing friendships with people in our apartment building, in coffee shops, in local meetup groups. We loved that San Francisco was a diverse, liberal city where people have a hunger to be known and loved and a drive to build and create. San Francisco, like the people who live here, carries past and present hurt as well as dreams for the future. We were drawn here because we could relate to these wounds and the desire to be our true selves. While the calling to start a church was exciting, it also felt sobering and humbling. We didn’t come to save the city but to be part of it: to see Jesus work through our relationships with people of all kinds, to tell our stories and hear others, and to see Jesus redeem our past and give us a future where we can joyfully become the people He made us to be.

We spent our first year gathering people with a common vision for building a church; we decided on the values and name of The Table; and we began meeting weekly in Meridian Art Gallery. We loved the art on the walls and the non-traditional meeting space that reflected our desire to be a creative church open to everyone, regardless of their background. While the art gallery was a great place to start, we longed to be at the intersection of several different types of neighborhoods. Six months later, we moved to our current space in the Kanbar Performing Arts Center, which sits on the edge of Hayes Valley, SOMA, and The Mission. It’s from here we’re excited to grow and do life with people from our great city.